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Cybersecurity and technology specialized journalist with more than one thousand articles about technology, innovation and cybersecurity. Audiovisual production. Content and communication expert. Television and events presenter. Cybersecurity and Technology presenter. Speaker, expert in computer security awareness. 

Cofounder and director of Bit Life Media (www.bitlifemedia.com), technology, cybersecurity and innovation online magazine. We also are specialist at audiovisual production (bitlifemedia.es)

Content director and co-presenter of the TV show Mundo Hacker, broadcasted on La 2 TV channel (RTVE) and Discovery MAX in Spain. This TV show talks about the importance of knowing the risks at Internet and the new technologies, and at the same time, bring awareness about the importance of cybersecurity in order to have a save digital life. I have worked in many others media companies and TV channels, as Telecinco, Telemadrid or La 10.

I have a long experience presenting conferences  and events, as you can see at my career page and LinkedIn. I have a degree in Audiovisual Communication and Advertising and Public Relations. I own a large professional experience in media, in front and behind cameras (TV production).

Do you have anything to show? I’ll be pleased to help you to communicate it!

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